A recent discovery have been brought to Napalmanias attention due to hours of efficient idling today, namely that exercise is quite damaging to our poor planet! For many years, local gyms have advertised about how great working out really is, and evil minds have spread news about the health-benefits of this anti-idling activity of certain doom. You may wonder how such accusations can possibly be justified. Well, here at Napalmania we strive to serve you the truth (in a twisted, nonsensical way).

As you all know, humans breathe in oxygen, among other gases, and then turn it into evil carbondioxide in the cellular respiration process. Naturally the amount of cellular respiration depend on the activity-level of the person, so when you work out you actually release more CO2 then you normally would if you were idling! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, when you work out you burn lots of energy, meaning you will have to eat more. Eating more require higher emissions of climate-gases due to transport, production and even garbage-handling. If you eat more food, my highly questionable logic implies that there will be less food for others, so not only are you killing the enviroment, but you also kill hungry people (who probably are a lot more energy-efficient then you in the first place!).

Obviously, idling is much better for the enviroment then exercising, so the next time you concider going to the gym you might aswell sit back in the couch, relax and reduce your climate-gas emission. Think of the polar bears, think of the starving kids all over the world, and think of Mother Earth! Become an Idler today and save the world!

Ice baby, Ice


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  1. Spideh Says:

    lmao pil. You said it, this is a theroy I belive has been in my subconcious for years hence I dont bother going to the gym.

    Save the climate – stop exercising!

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