Science students worldwide has over the last decades reported of mysterious events related to refrigerators. While these events have been discarded as nonsense previously, Dr. S. Trange has recently dedicated his efforts in studying these abnormalities, that may actually bring the future closer than ever, by the means of time travel!

Time travel has since the invention of Science Fiction been one of the most debated topics of what the future may bring. Many theories explain how this will be made possible, be it worm-holes, advanced scientific phone-booths or a series of other interesting variants. Traveling in time could help avoid disasters by giving people the possibility to go back in time to warn the past generations of what is to come. At the same time the very time-space continuum may break down if anything is changed according to others. Time travel is a delicate matter, but as we all know, scientists doesn’t really care about consequences, they just want to invent things. “The best inventions are those where no one are able to say “I told you so!” if things go wrong!”, says Dr. S. Trange while fiddling around with an old piece of cheese from his refrigerator.

Now, this recent breakthrough in the theories of time and space travel has often been regarded as a result of sloppy students and bad hygiene in the dormitories. Often have students complained about a carton of milk that in mysterious ways have passed its expiration date years ago, and several reports claim to have found orange juice that no one knew existed, but still has a valid date 3 months ahead! Others again have reported food and beverages suddenly disappearing. It is events like these that made Dr. Trange start wondering if there might be a possibility that the delicate processes taking place in a refrigerator may actually interact in interesting ways, creating small passages in time in which the products of the fridge may travel through, into other parts of time and space. Items may travel simply forward or backward in time, to a neighboring fridge or a combination of these.

“No one really knows what goes on inside a fridge!”, claims a highly enthusiastic Dr. Trange. “You basically have a device that becomes colder on the inside, by warming up the outside! This can’t be without consequences!”, he continues while trying to find room for his cheese in a fridge that contains a wider selection and amount of food than your local supermarket. The fridge has been sorted according to advanced chaos-simulations, such as normally appear by themselves in a dorm-fridge after the passage of a few months. In the laboratory it is of vital importance that these conditions are reproduced as precisely as possible. “In the environments where time-travel has been reported to occur, the fridges has been in a highly unorganized state.”, explains Dr. Trange. “It is believed that the processes of time and space travel are very delicate, and even the slightest disturbance in the environment of the fridge may cause the time-space-passages to break down!”, he claims. One of the great benefits of a perfectly chaotic fridge is that the time-space continuum can take more liberties than it could if everything was organized. “A carton of milk would not risk the process of time traveling if it knew there was an elevated risk of being observed”, claims Dr. S. Trange. According to statistical studies, the probability of spontaneous time-space travel within a fridge increases dramatically as the level of knowledge about it’s contents decreases. “Sometimes we must realize that knowledge isn’t necessarily power!”, chuckles Trange.

In his most recent paper, Dr. S. Trange discusses the long known principle that the measurement having an effect on the variable being measured, and this naturally applies to the time-space travel possibilities of fridges as well. “Many times has questions such as “Does the light in the refrigerator go off when the door closes?” been asked, and pseudo-scientists place cameras in the fridge to observe what happens. What they fail to realize is that in such a delicate environment as a refrigerator, this affects the light to a huge extent. How can one possibly know that the light is actually off at the specific moment? It might just as well be an image of a light bulb in the off-state that travels through time to the present, due to this sudden difference in the levels of knowledge and the measurement-interference in the fridge!”.

Currently Dr. Tranges research has been brought to a temporary halt, as he is facing severe charges from the government, claiming that he has shipped unidentifiable biological weapons to various locations of the world. “This is a direct interference against science from the governments yet again!”, says Dr. Trange, shaking with fury. “Whenever the governments see a possible threat in groundbreaking research, they will try to hide the results and stop the research, or simply steal it for their own use!”. From the authorities side the situation looks slightly different. “We were informed about several shipments filled by un-labeled containers filled by highly suspicious contents, being transported to various strategic locations worldwide. Dr S. Trange refuses to give us any information about the contents, so it needs to be carefully investigated. I can not give you any further information at the time.”, announces a spokesman from the Department of Suspicious Behavior (DSB). “I can of course not say what is in the containers, as I honestly have no idea! If I knew, it wouldn’t be chaos, and if it is not chaos, the experiment is worthless!”, says Dr. S. Trange. “The idea is to send unidentifiable contents to several places on the earth. No one knows what is there, and no one knows where it might go, in time, space or any other dimensions! This will be the greatest experiment of all time!”, he continues, jumping with excitement. When asked how the results will be documented while no information about the experiment can be known, Dr. Trange unfortunately informed us that the time was up, and he had to return home to water his cat.

We look forward to follow the research of this magnificent scientist in the time to come, or maybe even

in the past, in a few years time! Who knows what the future may bring?

This is Pil, reporting in for Napalmania News

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08  Mar
Phone posting test

Hi fans,

Just installed a wordpress app on my smartphone. I just had to test it 😉

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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Someone has made a portal gun I read today on a few blogs.

Turns out this chicks boyfriend made it.

She says:

“My boyfriend made an ASHPD for me for my AS test subject costume, and I wanted him to put some blood on it, ’cause let’s face it, I’m not careful enough to avoid those feisty turrets. Also, I’m putting a “wound” tear into the sleeve of my right arm to look as if I’d been grazed by a bullet, and I thought the splatter would be a nice touch. ”

Well what does this gun look like you might say. Well say no more:

Aperture Science: We do what we must, because we can.

To watch the rest of the pictures follow this link.

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26  May
Global Warming

Over the last few months, Napalmania scientists have been monitoring the local temperature, and the results are quite alerting. In january, temperatures were measured to be around 0 degrees Celsius, while in June they appear to be quite a bit higher, some days over 20degrees Celsius. If this increase stays linear, the human race will most likely be extinct by the end of 2009.

Sorry, didn\'t find the correct graph, so here is a random graph from

(Couldn’t find the graph I was looking for, so here is a random graph that is not even close to linear, but if you tilt your head as you move along the x-axis, it should do just fine)

My sources (who spoke to me in a dream last night (they seemed quite trustworthy at the moment, never doubt a dinosaur wearing a suit)) indicate that the global warming is a cunning plan set in place in the late Cretaceous period by a secret elite society of evil dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were not very efficient builders, so when the coming of Mankind was predicted this elite group laid a scheme to let us slave for them, without us ever knowing what was really going on. This society of dinosaurs gathered their strength to build massive rockets, fueled by their ancestors, and took off to the dark side of the moon. There they could relax and wait for the civilisations to rise, and great cities to be built. Upon their arrival at the moon, a group was assembled to start chipping off large parts of the moon (the result is still visible as large craters on the face of the moon), which were thrown down to the earth ensuring the destruction of the remaining dinosaurs. The weapon of pollution was now starting to brew in the soil, and the earth was prepared for the age of mankind.

This picture is most likely drawn by a cockroach during the departure of the dinosaurs (or it might have be made by gluefish[ate]

The dinosaurs needed to stimulate and control the civilisations of earth, and when they saw the need for it they planted religions into the societies. As we all know, much of the technological advancement on Earth is based on weapon development, which was a concept familiar to the dinosaurs. They quickly realised that spreading religions to various geological locations would leads to differences and conflicts of interest, and eventually massive wars. In the end, development would be inevitable for any civilisation wanting to survive, and this method of survival was what have finally lead to our doom.

So now the dinosaurs sit there on the moon, waiting for mankind to leave their cities without a fight, boiled in their own stupidity. Then after a while, when emissions are reduced to a minimum, and the temperature once again goes back to normal, they will return and rule the world.

Oh, and dinosaurs really don’t care too much about buildings, as they prefer staying outdoors in forests and stuff…but they just figured once they had come up with such a cunning plan, they couldn’t just forget about it. That would have been a quite silly thing for an elitist secret society of evil dinosaurs to do. But after being quite patient for 65million years or so, they figured it was all worth it for the fun of it, and the satisfaction of a plan well executed. And in the end they at least get a new playground. We at Napalmania News haven’t been able to get in touch with a dinosaur for comments on the issue, but we will try to send a reporter to the moon shortly.

Dinosaurs new playground

This is Pil, reporting in for Napalmania News

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A recent discovery have been brought to Napalmanias attention due to hours of efficient idling today, namely that exercise is quite damaging to our poor planet! For many years, local gyms have advertised about how great working out really is, and evil minds have spread news about the health-benefits of this anti-idling activity of certain doom. You may wonder how such accusations can possibly be justified. Well, here at Napalmania we strive to serve you the truth (in a twisted, nonsensical way).

As you all know, humans breathe in oxygen, among other gases, and then turn it into evil carbondioxide in the cellular respiration process. Naturally the amount of cellular respiration depend on the activity-level of the person, so when you work out you actually release more CO2 then you normally would if you were idling! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, when you work out you burn lots of energy, meaning you will have to eat more. Eating more require higher emissions of climate-gases due to transport, production and even garbage-handling. If you eat more food, my highly questionable logic implies that there will be less food for others, so not only are you killing the enviroment, but you also kill hungry people (who probably are a lot more energy-efficient then you in the first place!).

Obviously, idling is much better for the enviroment then exercising, so the next time you concider going to the gym you might aswell sit back in the couch, relax and reduce your climate-gas emission. Think of the polar bears, think of the starving kids all over the world, and think of Mother Earth! Become an Idler today and save the world!

Ice baby, Ice


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Funcom reports a successful launch of the long awaited MMORPG Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures.

On the 17th of may Funcom opened their servers for players in america. They had some minor problems and the launch was therefore delayed for three hours, but in MMORPG terms that is considered a successful launch.

After the launch Funcom announced that it was about 100.000 players who decided to try the game on its first day. For us europeans we have to wait until may 23rd to play it, but judging from the initial reports I’ve read it is going to be something to look forward to.

To celebrate this launch here is the latest trailer I could find on YouTube for Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures:

Age of Conan:
Funcom home:

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21st. of April Bare Egil Band relesed a dvd with some live performances and other rare material.

I thought I’d provide you with a taste of what can be expected from it.

Pay close attention to the toilet halfway through the video.

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08  May
Lack of updates

We’re sorry for the lack of updates on the blog lately, but we’re all super busy with reading for exams and playing trackmania.

There is also another update for the blog software that I need to apply.

In any case, stay tuned we’ll come back better and stronger after may


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Our dearest of admins have now changes the theme on the site to one that is actually possible to read if the sun hits the screen. I hope everyone is as satisfied as me with thisnew theme, if not..I don’t care about you as a person anymore

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Good news,

I have just finished upgrading wordpress from 2.3 to 2.5. The new version has a lot of upgrades ‘behind the scenes’ such as improvements for the editor to write posts.

Please give a shout out if you experience any problems with the blog.

– Spideh

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