Science students worldwide has over the last decades reported of mysterious events related to refrigerators. While these events have been discarded as nonsense previously, Dr. S. Trange has recently dedicated his efforts in studying these abnormalities, that may actually bring the future closer than ever, by the means of time travel!

Time travel has since the invention of Science Fiction been one of the most debated topics of what the future may bring. Many theories explain how this will be made possible, be it worm-holes, advanced scientific phone-booths or a series of other interesting variants. Traveling in time could help avoid disasters by giving people the possibility to go back in time to warn the past generations of what is to come. At the same time the very time-space continuum may break down if anything is changed according to others. Time travel is a delicate matter, but as we all know, scientists doesn’t really care about consequences, they just want to invent things. “The best inventions are those where no one are able to say “I told you so!” if things go wrong!”, says Dr. S. Trange while fiddling around with an old piece of cheese from his refrigerator.

Now, this recent breakthrough in the theories of time and space travel has often been regarded as a result of sloppy students and bad hygiene in the dormitories. Often have students complained about a carton of milk that in mysterious ways have passed its expiration date years ago, and several reports claim to have found orange juice that no one knew existed, but still has a valid date 3 months ahead! Others again have reported food and beverages suddenly disappearing. It is events like these that made Dr. Trange start wondering if there might be a possibility that the delicate processes taking place in a refrigerator may actually interact in interesting ways, creating small passages in time in which the products of the fridge may travel through, into other parts of time and space. Items may travel simply forward or backward in time, to a neighboring fridge or a combination of these.

“No one really knows what goes on inside a fridge!”, claims a highly enthusiastic Dr. Trange. “You basically have a device that becomes colder on the inside, by warming up the outside! This can’t be without consequences!”, he continues while trying to find room for his cheese in a fridge that contains a wider selection and amount of food than your local supermarket. The fridge has been sorted according to advanced chaos-simulations, such as normally appear by themselves in a dorm-fridge after the passage of a few months. In the laboratory it is of vital importance that these conditions are reproduced as precisely as possible. “In the environments where time-travel has been reported to occur, the fridges has been in a highly unorganized state.”, explains Dr. Trange. “It is believed that the processes of time and space travel are very delicate, and even the slightest disturbance in the environment of the fridge may cause the time-space-passages to break down!”, he claims. One of the great benefits of a perfectly chaotic fridge is that the time-space continuum can take more liberties than it could if everything was organized. “A carton of milk would not risk the process of time traveling if it knew there was an elevated risk of being observed”, claims Dr. S. Trange. According to statistical studies, the probability of spontaneous time-space travel within a fridge increases dramatically as the level of knowledge about it’s contents decreases. “Sometimes we must realize that knowledge isn’t necessarily power!”, chuckles Trange.

In his most recent paper, Dr. S. Trange discusses the long known principle that the measurement having an effect on the variable being measured, and this naturally applies to the time-space travel possibilities of fridges as well. “Many times has questions such as “Does the light in the refrigerator go off when the door closes?” been asked, and pseudo-scientists place cameras in the fridge to observe what happens. What they fail to realize is that in such a delicate environment as a refrigerator, this affects the light to a huge extent. How can one possibly know that the light is actually off at the specific moment? It might just as well be an image of a light bulb in the off-state that travels through time to the present, due to this sudden difference in the levels of knowledge and the measurement-interference in the fridge!”.

Currently Dr. Tranges research has been brought to a temporary halt, as he is facing severe charges from the government, claiming that he has shipped unidentifiable biological weapons to various locations of the world. “This is a direct interference against science from the governments yet again!”, says Dr. Trange, shaking with fury. “Whenever the governments see a possible threat in groundbreaking research, they will try to hide the results and stop the research, or simply steal it for their own use!”. From the authorities side the situation looks slightly different. “We were informed about several shipments filled by un-labeled containers filled by highly suspicious contents, being transported to various strategic locations worldwide. Dr S. Trange refuses to give us any information about the contents, so it needs to be carefully investigated. I can not give you any further information at the time.”, announces a spokesman from the Department of Suspicious Behavior (DSB). “I can of course not say what is in the containers, as I honestly have no idea! If I knew, it wouldn’t be chaos, and if it is not chaos, the experiment is worthless!”, says Dr. S. Trange. “The idea is to send unidentifiable contents to several places on the earth. No one knows what is there, and no one knows where it might go, in time, space or any other dimensions! This will be the greatest experiment of all time!”, he continues, jumping with excitement. When asked how the results will be documented while no information about the experiment can be known, Dr. Trange unfortunately informed us that the time was up, and he had to return home to water his cat.

We look forward to follow the research of this magnificent scientist in the time to come, or maybe even

in the past, in a few years time! Who knows what the future may bring?

This is Pil, reporting in for Napalmania News

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08  Mar
Phone posting test

Hi fans,

Just installed a wordpress app on my smartphone. I just had to test it 😉

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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Late in September 2010 I went on a roadtrip to Tafjord valley to capture some of the autumn colors there.
The place is lovely with it’s steep mountain walls diving into the fjord and the road you can drive all the way up to the Zacarias dam.

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So after a great deal of persuasion, and constant complaining from a certain admin, here I am.  And I’m going to talk about my latest addiction.

Fallout 3.

A much anticipated and long awaited game released in October by Bethesda Softworks, creators of the magnificent and long running Elder Scrolls series of games, Fallout3 carries on from the much loved Fallout series.

Fallout3 Running man

As a long time fan of Fallout, from when a friend introduced me to the games, I was one of the many who eagerly awaited its release, even going as far as purchasing it when my own computer wasn’t up to the task of running it. Having to purchase a new Graphics card and being a first time hardware installer can lead to a lot of ‘fun’. After the resulting chaos of several hasty purchases to rectify the physical problems I caused to my own much cared for machine, I eventually got Fallout3 installed and working.

Now there are those out there who say that Fallout3 doesn’t deserve the name, as it is made in a different style from the original Interplay version, claiming it should be called somethign along the lines of Fallout-RPG or some other applicable name showing that it is not presented in the same style as the earlier games. In a sense, I would agree. yes, Bethesda tried to have the content faithful to the Post Apocalyptic Universe of  Fallout, but almost everything that could be compared to the originals has been, for lack of a better word, reconstructed from the ashen ruins of civilisation.

Moving from a birds eye view of the player’s character, to a more First-or-third person perspective, changes elements of the gameplay. However the one advantage this brings is you get to admire the scenery just a little bit more.

On Top of the world

As a fan of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, I pretty much put a lot of expectation into Fallout 3. Having attained more than 300+ hours of playing time in Oblivion and still not having touched the mainline quest, I was hoping that Fallout 3 would prove an equal for single character playability. This has to be one of the more disapointing letdowns that you can find in Fallout 3. There is a character level cap, which is rather too low for my liking (and many others from what I’ve read elsewhere) which just leads to a relativly short game for something that has a large playing area as you can find in the game.

While the playing area is immense, comparable to Oblivion’s explorable area in size, there are a lot fewer locations to check out. While many of the areas are spread out, there is little reason to actually visit most of them. A handful contain sidequests, or interesting items which depending on how you develop your character may prove useful but the majority are just places to visit on your path to exploring the wasteland as a whole. Then again, you may need to visit them to pick up some of the games ‘clutter’, items you can pick up which may be useful for easy ‘bottlecaps’, the game’s currency, or to make one of the few weapons you can pick up schematics for.

Now while the games short length may be something I can complain about, most of the other features I actually enjoy.

The VATS targetting system, an ingenious way to target and attack the numerous enemies of the wastelands you will encounter. It allows you to target specific body  parts with a projectile weapon, such as the head, arms, legs or torso (assuming it’s a human) using action points, defined by your characters Agility characteristic. The VATS actually increases the chance of you doing extra damage to your target when you use it making it a must use when facing tough opponents.

The weapons. While there aren’t as many as there could be (the future releases of downloadable content will add more, such as the gauss rifle from Operation Achorage) there are still a selection of fun to use guns and blades. The ability to acquire weapon schematics adds a new twist to the game, as you collect components (I assure you, there is no shortage of these) to make your own. Weapons like the Shishkebab, a flaming sword which ignites any opponent you hit (not to be used in certain areas), the Rock-it-launcher, a weapon that can use any of the wasteland’s clutter as ammo (death by tin-can or teddy bear anyone?) and the Railway rifle to name but a few. However, even some of the standard weapons can be quite fun to use. The flamethrower is a personal favourite, the plasma rifle turning opponents into goo, and the Gatling Laser, a rapid fire repeating laser gun. However to top all these is the Fatman mini-nuke launcher, a ballistic close range heavy weapon that can turn even the hardest opponents to ash (including yourself if you’re not too careful.) Along with these, it is possible to find a selection of unique variants of the standard weapons, which alter some of the abilities making them desireable to acquire.

The Fatman

The Sniper Rifle

The Minigun

Some Cars Go Boom

Gatling Laser

The armour. There is also a wide selection of bodywear that your character can acquire ranging from business suits, to the unique T-21b Power armour. Even some of the simplest clothes give some bonus to wearing them. However my personal favourite would be some of the power-armour you get, which can increase your strength attribute allowing you to carry more. But personal tastes aside, you can pick up armour from any person equipped with it, from raiders to civilians.

The radscorpions. “The what?” you may ask. The Radscorpions. Giant mutated scorpions which can be quite challenging to fight if you’re not prepared, particularly the giant variety. Nothing says futuristic post-apocalyptia  quite like a giant mutated bug than can kill most things it comes into contact with. I quite like them….when they aren’t trying to kill me.

Giant Radscorpion

Another valuable feature will be the possibility to download extra content once it’s released. An example of this would be Operation Anchorage (I have yet to acquire this) which is set in Anchorage, Alaska, as part of the leadup to events that started the Fallout setting. These add new missions, weapons and items which increase the playability of Fallout3 for a single character. Another 2 are expected to be released adding many more missions and possibilities (hopefully)

All in all  I would say Fallout3 is an enjoyable game with many hours of play which, if you are a fan of RPG’s, may be worthwhile looking into. Not to mention I’ve persuaded about 4 people to give it a try.

Fallout3 copyright Bethesda Softworks.

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08  Feb
Nom nom nom

I made you a blog, but I eated it! 😛

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From a trip to konsul Carl Fisser. Click the images to enlarge.

All pictures are copyright and its Photographer!

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Someone has made a portal gun I read today on a few blogs.

Turns out this chicks boyfriend made it.

She says:

“My boyfriend made an ASHPD for me for my AS test subject costume, and I wanted him to put some blood on it, ’cause let’s face it, I’m not careful enough to avoid those feisty turrets. Also, I’m putting a “wound” tear into the sleeve of my right arm to look as if I’d been grazed by a bullet, and I thought the splatter would be a nice touch. ”

Well what does this gun look like you might say. Well say no more:

Aperture Science: We do what we must, because we can.

To watch the rest of the pictures follow this link.

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Hi all friends and family.

From all of us here at and #napalm on

Christmas tree and Fireplace

Merry christmas and a happy new-year.

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One of my favourite shows of late has just started its season 4

But instead of telling you what has happened since last season I will give you a couple of good reasons why you should watch it.

  • music (I’ve gotta give credit to the directors for picking kick ass music)
  • the car (Black 1967 Chevy Impala)
  • shotguns (with salt)
  • great stories

In any case, if you’re looking for a new show to watch I recommend Supernatural.


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Diablo III announced

Yes, I’ve been waiting forever for this game. Diablo II is one of the best games I’ve ever played and I can’t wait to see what the new game will be like.

Hopefully we’ll see a great story driven game with intense action and excellent multiplayer features.

Lets cross our fingers for this game, and I hope it won’t take half a decade to develop it 😉

More Details: WoWinsider

Home Page: Diablo3

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